Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Get involved! Smartphones and public water

The Pacific Institute in California is releasing a new smartphone app called "WeTap."  Read about the project here:


As Americans drink more and more bottled water (up from an average of one gallon per person in 1980 to around thirty gallons per person today, according to Peter Gleick) the public drinking fountains we used to take for granted are falling by the wayside.  This app lets users map public drinking fountains, helping people find a non-bottled drink of water when they need it, as well as raising awareness about the state of our public drinking fountains and urging municipalities to maintain water fountains.

Get involved!  Download the app when it becomes available, and start mapping your local drinking fountains.  While there isn't an iphone version of the app yet (it will only be available on Android) this is a great idea.  Water should be a public resource - lets work together to keep it that way.

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