Saturday, March 12, 2011

Atlanta's water rates

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The article below is an opinion piece from this week's "Creative Loafing," Atlanta's "alternative" newspaper.  It discusses Atlanta's ridiculously high water rates, caused by the need to update the city's hydraulic infrastructure, especially the sewer system.  While it seems faulty water meters are at least partially to blame, the city has been slow to act when it comes to addressing water customers' concerns.

According to a study posted on, Atlanta has the highest water rates of any major city in the US.  California's major cities also make the list, with Los Angeles ranking as the 6th most expensive, San Diego 4th, and San Francisco 10th.  You can also find CNN's investigative report into Atlanta's water rates at this website.

My apartment includes water in the rent, so I have yet to pay a water bill in Atlanta, but I've heard horror stories.  Anyone have experiences to share?


  1. We are in North Georgia--I, too, am a visiting lecturer in history(European at North Georgia College and State University) since about 6months ago. I relocated from Detroit where the issue about water in Michigan has mainly to do with the GReat Lakes. Every so often the idea of re-routing water from that region to water starved regions crops up. I started subscribing to h-Water, where I saw the post for this blog,because I re-structured my world civilization course around 3 themes, one of which has to do with water issues and sanitation. Anyway, glad to come across this!
    Renee Bricker

  2. Great to hear from you Renee! Would love to see your syllabus.


  3. Hi Ms. Martin I live in Newnan, Ga. I pay a water bill but our water rates are not high at all but I can only imagine what they are like when you live in the city but as it says in the article Atlanta has the highest rate than any city in the U.S. I didnt know water rates were really high in Atlanta but I should have known because its expensive to live in the city of Atlanta.

    Madonna Ball