Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tap water is best. . .

Hey Atlanta-

Do you want chemicals leeching into your drinking water from its plastic container?  Then avoid bottled water - tap water is best.  And don't put your tap water in a plastic bottle.

Something to think about:

Better safe than possibly full of estrogen mimicking chemicals.


  1. Thanks for your insight.
    I was surprised by the fact that tap water is healthier than so-called "purified" bottled water. It makes me feel good about my frugality when out at restaurants, I always opt tap instead of bottled to save a few bucks. Its crazy that companies charge absurd amounts for essentially tap water in fancy containers that may leak out synthesized hormones.

  2. Wow this just another reason for me not to drink bottled water. Plus I get to save money as well.